The Flavor Experience, May 14, 2022:

On behalf of Melbourne Main Street, we hope you had an amazing time with us under a full moon.

From the food pairings to the cocktails, to the band and performers, there was something to see and taste at every turn.

Our partners at The Landing Rooftop hit it out of the park!

THANK YOU, Sponsors!

Downtowns are essentially the living room of our community and need to reflect the economic health of our entire area.

We are fortunate that our community understands the importance of a vibrant, fresh, and engaging downtown district and is willing to make investments of time, advice, connections, and capital outlay to ensure we are successful.

Each of the businesses and individuals who supported Melbourne Main Street through their sponsorship of The Flavor Experience are making an investment in the future of our amazing downtown.

We are grateful for your partnership and investment to Melbourne Main Street and promise to be prudent stewards of your contribution.

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Hotel Melby, the host hotel for

The Flavor Experience.